Lore Bits: Gideon

GideonAs I mentioned in the latest Rhox News on the podcast, I love lore. Whether it’s in Magic or a new book series or a new game I’m playing, I love learning about new universes and being immersed in said universes. The Magic universe is one of my favorite ones, because of all the different planes within the Multiverse, each of which have their own stories. So in case you couldn’t tell by both the title of the article as well as this intro, Lore Bits will examine and explain the story behind our favorite trading card game each week. For this week the topic is: The Background on Gatecrash’s poster-child planeswalker, Gideon Jura.

Gideon Jura, like a few of our other “Neowalkers” (post-Mending Planeswalkers), was born on an unknown plane. He grew up not knowing his father, and his mother died when he was a teenager. After that, his next course of action would be to join up with a gang, become it’s leader, and then have said gang start doing their best Robin Hood impression by stealing from mansions of the wealthy. Like all storybook cliches though, it didn’t last and Gideon found himself in prison. However, the prison was not meant to house future combat oriented planeswalkers. With that, he was sent off to a kind of rehabilitation where he was taught Hieromancy, the magic of order (and deadliest weapon of bureaucracies everywhere). After Gideon had killed a much stronger opponent with a higher power level (OVER 9000!!!) and everything, his Planeswalker spark ignited. After returning to his teacher to tell him what happened, his teacher told him he was expecting it and passed on his Sural (also called an urumi, the trademark blade-whip weapon). With that Gideon began venturing through the Multiverse.

The next major event of Gideon’s life involved the Order of Heliund on the plane of Regatha, and his pursuit of the poster-child of Pyromancy and Arson, Chandra Nalaar. Gideon had heard tales of the Purifying Fire, a massive font of white mana that took the shape of a flame, and wished to study it. The head of the Order, Walbert, refused his request initially, but eventually, he decreed that Gideon could study the font if he returned Chandra to the Order after she left Keral Keep. Gideon’s pursuit of Chandra led to the planes of Kephalai, Diraden, and then back to Regatha. When Gideon brought Chandra back to Walbert, he revealed his master plan in true evil villain style. The plan was to offer Chandra to the Purifying Fire so that she would be “cleansed” and made an example of those that would defy Walbert and the rest of the Order. Gideon then sought out a way to stop Walbert’s plan and spare Chandra her fate. He then discovered that if someone walked into the fire with no regrets, they would be spared. Chandra did just that and then took great pleasure in destroying Walbert and his entourage of guards that all villians must have. After the battle had ended Gideon found Chandra passed out in the ruins of the temple. He told her that if she left Regatha and never returned, he would cover for her. Chandra complied, and left Gideon with a warning about choosing allegiances carefully. Gideon returned the advice with the promise that they would meet again.

After some time had passed, Gideon decided to try and find Chandra to make up for their tense parting. He tracked her to the plane of Zendikar. There he followed her trail through the continent of Akoum, but lost the trail in the mountains near the Eye of Ugin. Exhausted from his search, Gideon headed to the nearest settlement to recover from his travels. The settlement was Fort Keff, and during his time there Gideon began to hear stories about how the land itself was becoming more and more hostile toward travelers. One night the fort had intercepted a Surrakar that had wandered too close to the fort. It told Gideon about how it’s gods from the void of no color had come to Zendikar. More and more refugees began arriving at the fort, and later that day the Eldrazi assaulted the fort. The soldiers fought against the brood, and Gideon’s presence secured the victory of the fort. However, as the soldiers were celebrating their victory Emrakul arrived at the fort. Gideon ordered everybody to vacate the fort and follow the surrakar into the underground rivers or be paid as fodder to the Annihilator mechanic. After the cannon fodder left, Gideon then traveled to Ravnica to find someway to combat the Eldrazi.

Well that was fun, now for speculation time! So Gideon has come to Ravnica to find a way to fight the Eldrazi more effectively than what he could achieve currently. Based on the flavor text of Boros Elite, he appears to be joining up with the Boros Legion to presumably hone his skills as a fighter, but is that all? Everyone knows that Boros utilizes both white and red mana, so there is the possibility that Gideon may at some point utilize red mana as well. I know that a good number of people were hoping that the new Gideon would be Red/White (despite the fact that people also hoped the new Jace would be blue/red and look how well that turned out). So based on Gideon’s part-time job choice, it would not surprise me if he went the way of Ajani and started to pick up red mana to help him dispense justice throughout the Multiverse (possibly starting with House Dimir, given how the gatecrash trailer hints at it?).

I’m Ben, and this has been Lore Bits. If you would like to know more about Chandra and Gideon’s adventures, check out The Purifying Fire by Laura Resnick. Also if there is a topic you would like to see a particular Lore topic dissected and discussed, send a tweet over to @vobpodcast or @RhoxNews I’ll be sure to find it either way.


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