Lore Bits: Boros Legion

A while ago, I mentioned on Rhox News that the mothership and other MTG related websites would be publishing articles related to a specific guild released in Gatecrash during certain weeks. Our site is no exception, so every Lore Bits that is published during this time will cover each of the Gatecrash guild’s history and their changes in leadership and goals when relevant (Gruul and Orzhov haven’t had huge changes in leadership, but more on them during their weeks). So for this week we take a look at the military might of Ravnica, the Boros Legion. This arrangement not only allows for you dear readers the chance to get to know more about these new guilds, but also saves me from having to actually pick topics myself.

The Boros Legion was originally founded by the archangel Razia. As the parun of Boros, Razia always believed that all inhabitants of Ravnica could coexist peacefully, and if lives were lost and blood was shed in order to accomplish this, so be it. Naturally, not everyone on Ravnica would agree with this, so Boros members always have a means to divulge in their Red mana half. Even if all of Ravnica isn’t on board with the whole world peace (or plane-peace?) plan, the Legion has worked with multiple guilds before. Boros soldiers work to enforce the more coherent and reasonable laws of the Azorius Senate, and the Izzet have developed weapons for them as well.

Despite the fact that their main goals are simple, the hierarchy within the guild is a convoluted, multiple-tiered, two army system. The top ranking members for the entire guild will either be one of the many Angels or guildmages. The Angels of the Boros legion were supposedly all created to be images of Razia herself, and as such are physically identical. Angels do not involve themselves with the day-to-day operations of the guild, only acting when it is deemed necessary and serving as inspiration for the rest of the Legion. The angels originally resided on the Parhelion, a massive warship that would dock on top of Sunhome during times of crisis. The Parhelion was destroyed when it crashed into Old Prahv and no plans to repair or reconstruct the ship are in the works as far as anyone knows. A Boros guildmage is the highest office a mortal may hold within the guild. Guildmages have the privilege of having access to all Boros spells and equipment, and are the only members of the legion that can initiate communication with the angels. All other members must wait to be contacted by the angels, if they are even contacted at all.

Below the guildmages, the guild hierarchy splits into two separate factions, the Legion of Wojek, and the Boros Army. The Legion of Wojek is the official law enforcement branch of the guild, and the Army is the main force of the Boros Legion. Rankings within both forces are equally stratified, and some even share names. Despite these similarities however, Boros Army members are able to issue orders to Wojek members that outrank them, and Wojek members cannot issue orders to army members that are lower rank. Boros army members also have more access to the spells and armaments of the guild, while Wojek members have access only to the most basic equipment and spells that are sufficient enough to complete their patrols in the city.

During the events of the original Ravnica block, the Boros Legion played a part in foiling the plans of both House Dimir and the parun of the Azorius Senate, Grand Augustein IV. Since House Dimir has their own week, and they were the main players in the story, only Boros’ involvement will be covered here. Agrus Kos, a wojek lieutenant, is the person within the legion responsible for: working with Jarad (yes future Golgari leader Jarad) to bring down Szadek, Dimir’s parun, before he could kill the parun of the Selesnya Conclave during the Festival of the Guildpact, killing Momir Vig, Simic’s parun after hearing the mad genius’ plans with Project Kraj, and trapping the spirit of Szadek after he crashed the commandeered Parhelion. With these events, the original Guildpact spell was shattered, but the city itself was saved by Agrus’ actions at least three times.

So let’s fast forward to after the Parhelion crashed into Old Prahv, Feather, a disgraced angel serving in the Wojek legion until her sentence has been appeased, has been declared the replacement guild leader after Razia’s death, and the Legion can get back to protecting the innocent of Ravnica. However, there is trouble in paradise as another angel begins to revolt against Feather’s rule. This angel might seem familiar, since she just so happens to go by the name of Aurelia. Aurelia began to make her own coup by declaring that a disgraced angel had no right to rule. Whether or not this is true, many within the guild agreed with Aurelia, and so Feather was imprisoned until her fate would be decided at a later date. That decision would never be reached though, as Feather was freed from her prison by a raid conducted by none other than Krenko, the goblin mob boss on Ravnica.

With Feather overthrown, Aurelia then becomes the new guild leader for the Boros Legion. Unlike Razia, who was a more aloof and secluded figurehead, Aurelia has no problem with being actively involved in all functions of the guild. She also is less willing to work with some of the other guilds, an example of this being her denouncement of Niv-Mizzet, and the subsequent discontinuation of projects such as the Warmind initiative, Ravnica’s equivalent of the super-soldier program. So despite prejudices towards “disgraced” angels, Aurelia appears to be doing a rather decent job at leading the Boros Legion, but based on flavor text on a few cards she does seem to be a bit more aggressive than Razia was, so hopefully she does not go too far with her newfound position.

And there we have it, a more detailed look at the Boros Legion, where they’ve been and where they are now. Week after next we will be delving into the mystery and strange workings of the Simic combine. If you would like to know more about Agrus Kos and the involvement of the Boros Legion in the events of the original Ravnica, the Ravnica book trilogy. Keep in mind that these events will be fleshed out in much greater detail when we take a look at the secretive House Dimir on the week of March 18th. Also even though the next few weeks of Lore Bits are reserved for these theme weeks, if there’s a particular person, place, event, or thing you would like to see discussed send a tweet to @vobpodcast or @RhoxNews or leave a comment below. I’m Ben and this has been Lore Bits, see you next time.


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