Mike Robles Fired

Mike Robles, Community Manager for Magic, has been fired because of “a tweet.”  Some investigation into the matter has shown that this tweet was possibly about proxies per a tweet by Conley Woods.  What the exact tweet was remains a mystery, but you can read Robles’s own account about his termination here.



  1. Random #MTG question. If you don’t have specific cards for a deck (talking about #Commander) do you proxy? Or just not run it?
    I don’t have a problem with people who proxy, but if I don’t have a card, I don’t fake it. Even if I can’t get it in foil (old dual lands)
    RE: Proxies. I was watching a deck tech where someone had proxied foiled duals and I thought: If I didn’t have them, I wouldn’t run them.

    These three tweets are in my logs (found by searching for “proxy”), but have been deleted from Mike’s actual Twitter feed. I suppose it’s possible this is it?

    1. Phlip, thanks for the question. I (Ronnie) think that I speak for all of us here at VOB when I say that in a casual setting it is up to the play group on whether or not proxies are allowed. I normally shy away from using proxies, but I have no problem playing against someone that does if they inform me before hand what they proxied, and it’s within reason. I wouldn’t like someone to proxy any of the Power Nine and play me. I hope that answered your question.

      As far as the lead to what Mike tweet’d that potentially got him fired: Would you mind sharing what these three tweets are? We’ve spent sometime looking for them and have been unsuccessful.


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