EDH Fantastic Five: Red

Continuing my series on EDH brings us to what I believe are the top five staples in the more passionate and unstable area of the color pie. I personally don’t play red often, but have found myself at its mercy on a regular basis. The very chaotic nature of red is often its most valuable asset and the chagrin of many an opponent. With no further gilding of the lily…the top five for red!

(in no particular order)

Chaos Warp

Cost: 2R

Type: Instant

Purpose: Permanent spot removal

The most effective spot removal in the color, and for the small downside of a random free permanent (usually land in my experience), it even gets rid of commanders! The instant speed allows for an escape from sticky situations during an opponent’s turn. This card belongs in EDH which is probably why it was included in the Commander’s Arsenal.

Blasphemous Act

Cost: 8R

Type: Sorcery


Good news: Thirteen damage will render almost any creature short of a Serra Avatar to ash. Better news: this bad boy hits every creature on the field…(Suck it hexproof and shroud!) Best news: I don’t want to blow your mind or anything…. but it gets cheaper with each additional creature present on the battlefield…eight creatures means you can have the board clear for the insane low price of a single red mana!!!! (let’s see Wrath of God pull that off you white weenies!) Just make sure you don’t cast it while a stuffy doll with your name on it is out or else you are taking thirteen to the face! And nobody likes that kind of punishment….

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker

Cost: 2RR

Type: Legendary Creature

Purpose: ….non-legendary creature copier…sigh….

If I had named this guy I wouldn’t be able to type it here due to the pg-13 restrictions I try to adhere to…that being said, he’s by far one of the most brutal creatures that red brings to the table. Wizards pretty much said. “Yo, dawg I heard you like copying creatures and hate blue so here’s a creature to copy your creatures!” Throw a Pestermite in the mix and you have infinite 1/4s with which to beat your opponents senseless. I don’t feel the need to demonstrate what he can do with an Acidic Slime or a Woodfall Primus. I’ve saved the best for last…. this guy is a candidate for the lead role in your commander deck…. How stupidly broken is that?



Cost: 5RRR

Type: Sorcery

Purpose: Proving that for one turn their creatures can like you better.

“Those sure are nice creatures…it would be a shame if something were to happen to them…” “Oh hey new friends! Sic em!” There is absolutely nothing better than using someone else’s creatures as a tool for their own demise. The demoralization thrust upon them at that moment is like a kick to the groin. Oh…and did I forget to mention…it takes ALL opponents’ creatures and gives them haste. “Yes, I’ll take “ instant army” for eight , Alex.”



Cost: 3R

Type: Creature


A 2/2 for four with haste….when he’s in the graveyard all creatures get haste…a combo piece that comes in quite handy when you are able to drop an Avenger of Zendikar and a Craterhoof Behemoth on the field with a Tooth and Nail (read “no, I will not allow you to prepare for my onslaught.”) what’s not to love??? I don’t know who doesn’t love to attack for a bajillion damage.


Honorable Mentions:

Blood Moon, Jokulhaups, Shattering Pulse, Wild Ricochet, Wheel of Fortune


I hope this article has been helpful. If you wish to contact myself or any of the other VOB members you can do so at Visionsofbeyondpodcast@gmail.com



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