The Hosts


Trey Bohon is the current podcast and press manager for Visions of Beyond Podcast, EDH enthusiast, and resident Johnny of the group. When he is not performing podcast duties you can usually find him drawing cards, countering spells, and milling opponents with a somewhat sadistic glee. His passions include: Disagreeing with Ronnie on a daily basis, posting somewhat questionable photos of Phblthp in precarious places around Ben’s home, car, and office, tuning out jamey’s (read Lindsey Lohan or whatever personality takes precedence that day) schizophrenic cries for attention, and lobbying for the Blue section of the color pie.

Trey started playing Magic: the Gathering during the first Ravnica block and took an extended hiatus when Future Sight dropped until Innistrad released. Since that time he has gained a new appreciation all things that are Magic with an intent focus on EDH and Standard formats.


Ronnie McNutt is the Director and Editor of the podcast, as well as the resident know-it-all, but that’s ok, because he has close to 20 years experience with Magic. During his free time he likes to reminisce of the days before power creep, remembering fondly the days of Urza’s Saga. When he is not recording or editing the podcast, you can often find him on Reddit, under the guise of Hinderless, his evil alter-ego that only cares about insulting people, which really is not all that different than how he normally is.

Having played Magic for most his life, Ronnie has seen many sets come and go through the years, though he stopped playing when Onslaught was released, and did not pick the game back up until Lorwyn. Since then he has dedicated his life to understanding the game as best possible, though most of his knowledge remains theoretical since he is too lazy/poor to continuously maintain his collection. His favorite mechanic is Phasing, since it confuses new players to the point of tilt.


Jamey Nunley is currently the Director of Website Management. He has graduated from Bool Sheat University (home of the Honey Badger) with a Masters in “Identification Mispronunciationalizm” and a Minor in “Psycho-Scatterology.” He spends most of his time procrastinating important issues such as “who drank nearly all the milk and put that last ½ ounce back in the fridge,” (usually himself) and “why is there nothing to do in my home town other than pace around the local Walmart parking lot with a friend.”

He started playing Magic during his second year of college during the Alara block (around 4 years ago). A friend of his (now in prison) gave him a shoebox of cards he had never heard of before and with a little bit of searching online, he read the rules and built his first deck. The deck he had built was a Naya deck that focused on ramp and using Godsire and Titanic Ultimatum. His opponents, however, were imaginary cause all he could do was solitaire hoping he understood the rules correctly. After a few weeks he was in a friends dorm room playing Call of Duty when he noticed a deck box on the desk. After a few “beating around the bush” questions trying to find out if they were his or not, he grabbed his cards and demolished his friend in his first real match. After a few rounds, some of their other friends (watching over their shoulders) began to gain an interest in the game and a number of people at the college began playing on a regular basis.


Ben Neff is the founder and current CEO of Rhox News inc. and president over the stream division of the Visions of Beyond brand. His laid back, no-nonsense, mentality guides him through many tough day-to-day decisions such as whether or not to beat Oglor, his 3rd class assistant, or to paint everything Trey owns in Naya colors so that he may never know peace.

Ben’s rise to power in Magic: the gathering began when he first set foot upon Mirrodin and acquired various artifacts of great importance through questionable means. Once the Kamigawa block was introduced, however, he returned to Valhala to hibernate until the time of his conquest had arrived. That time arrived along with the Eldrazi with the Zendikar block. Due to the return to Mirrodin after zendikar, Ben has been able to stave off hibernation by acquiring even more powerful artifacts. Since the fall of Mirrodin, Ben has sworn to use his powers for good and works tirelessly to keep the multiverse informed of everything that is going on across the various planes. To help him accomplish this great and noble goal, Ben has employed the services of Oglor, a lab assistant from the abyssmal plane of Innistrad. Ben also listens to advice granted to him by the goldfish council, a collection of the spirits similar to the Obzedat that consists of all former pet goldfish in his service.


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